Welcome to the NDIS Guide for Unregistered Providers! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of linking your PRODA account to access the MyPlace portal and PACE, as well as highlight the differences between what registered and unregistered providers can do within the NDIS.

1. Understanding PRODA: PRODA (Provider Digital Access) is an online authentication system used by individuals and organisations to securely access government online services. As an unregistered provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), linking your PRODA account is the first step towards accessing certain services offered by the NDIS.

2. Linking PRODA to MyPlace: The MyPlace portal is the NDIS participant and provider portal, where you can manage your NDIS-related tasks and interactions. To link your PRODA account to MyPlace as an unregistered provider, follow these steps:

3. Accessing PACE: PACE (Provider Access Channel for unregistered providers) is an online platform that allows unregistered providers to submit payment claims and other related tasks. Linking your PRODA account to PACE enables you to access these functionalities.

4. Differences Between Registered and Unregistered Providers: While unregistered providers can access certain services through the NDIS platform, there are limitations compared to registered providers. Here are some things registered providers can do that unregistered providers can’t:

5. Additional Considerations:

By following these steps and understanding the differences between registered and unregistered providers, you can effectively navigate the NDIS landscape as an unregistered provider and access the services you need to support NDIS participants.