About Us

We pride ourselves and the service we offer for it's trust, loyalty and integrity.

The Disability Support Project firmly believes that Support Coordination should remain independent from every service in the NDIS due to the responsibility within this role. Therefore we pride ourselves on our values of trust, loyalty and integrity that every single person with an NDIS plan is provided the most appropriate assistance to meet their needs and we achieve this by independently providing Coordination of Support.

Support Coordination was made to be independent from every other service. We pride ourselves on being able to adhere to this which creates successful outcomes for people in need.

-Jake Bourke


Different In What We Do

The Philosophy of the Disability Support Project is to provide appropriate recommendations to services that meet the needs of the participant and remain truly independent from the services that are referred to. This allows us to always remain participant focused and takes us out of the monopolisation of the NDIS landscape. By doing this, this allows us to be one of the only truly independent NDIS Coordination of Support providers.

We have our first meeting with you to discuss your background history. We discuss what goals you would like to achieve and how you would like to achieve them.

We discuss what supports you currently have in your own network, then we discuss what other supports you may require outside of your own network.

We assist with connecting you to supports that you may require and then we monitor how these supports are helping you over the duration of your plan.