Day 1:

Session 1: Introduction to NDIS

Duration: 1 hour

In this session, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), ensuring you grasp its purpose, goals, and fundamental principles. We’ll delve into key terminology and concepts to build a solid foundation for your understanding. Topics covered include:

Session 2: Types of NDIS Supports

Duration: 1 hour

Here, we’ll explore the various categories of NDIS supports and dive into the specifics of each. Understanding the types of supports available is crucial for both participants and support coordinators. Topics covered include:

Session 3: Role of Support Coordinators

Duration: 1 hour

This session focuses on the pivotal role of support coordinators in the NDIS journey. You’ll gain insights into the intricate nature of support coordination and its impact on participants’ lives. Topics covered include:

Session 4: Person-Centered Approach

Duration: 1 hour

A person-centered approach lies at the heart of effective NDIS support. This session emphasizes the importance of understanding participants’ individual needs, goals, and aspirations. Topics covered include:

Additional Information:

By the end of Day 1, you’ll have a strong understanding of the NDIS, the types of supports available, the crucial role of support coordinators, and the significance of a person-centered approach. We look forward to embarking on this informative journey together!