As an NDIS participant, you have a fundamental right to safety, respect, and receiving quality services from the providers and workers you choose within the NDIS framework. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Commission is unwavering in its commitment to safeguarding the rights of individuals with disabilities. This commitment extends to upholding dignity, preventing abuse, exploitation, and violence, aligning with Australia’s dedication to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Empowerment Through Choice and Control

The core of the NDIS Commission’s mission is to empower you to exercise choice and control in the services you receive. This empowerment, however, is coupled with robust safeguards to ensure your well-being. The goal is to strike a harmonious balance between your autonomy and your safety. In essence, it’s about putting the power in your hands while fostering an environment that nurtures your security.

Informed Decision-Making

Knowledge is a powerful tool, and the NDIS Commission is dedicated to equipping you, your family, and your caregivers with the information needed to make informed choices regarding your NDIS providers. This empowers you to navigate the intricate landscape of service providers, ensuring you receive the quality support that aligns with your unique needs.

Addressing Concerns and Complaints

The NDIS Commission is your ally in addressing concerns and complaints. If any aspect of the services you’re receiving raises a red flag, the Commission is there to listen, support, and take appropriate action. This system ensures that your voice is heard and that your concerns are treated seriously.

Fostering a Strong Support Market

A thriving and vibrant marketplace for disability supports and services is essential. The NDIS Commission works tirelessly to cultivate an environment where providers are not only abundant but also uphold the highest standards of quality and safety. This, in turn, ensures that you have a variety of reliable options to choose from.

NDIS Code of Conduct: Safeguarding Your Rights

The NDIS Code of Conduct is a cornerstone in protecting your rights as an NDIS participant. This code serves as a guide for both providers and workers to ensure that your journey within the NDIS is marked by safety, respect, and quality.

Under the NDIS Code of Conduct, providers and workers are bound to:

  1. Respect Your Rights: This includes your right to express yourself, make decisions, and be treated in accordance with the law and conventions.
  2. Privacy: Your privacy matters. Providers and workers are obliged to respect your personal information and treat it with the utmost confidentiality.
  3. Competent Support: All supports and services provided to you must be safe, competent, and delivered with skill and care.
  4. Integrity and Honesty: Providers and workers are expected to act transparently, honestly, and with integrity in all their interactions.
  5. Taking Action: If any concerns arise, providers and workers must take prompt and appropriate steps to address them, ensuring the quality and safety of your support.
  6. Preventing Abuse and Exploitation: Ensuring your safety is paramount. All forms of abuse, exploitation, neglect, and violence are strictly prohibited.
  7. Preventing Sexual Misconduct: The code emphasises the prevention of sexual misconduct, prioritising your safety and well-being.

Coverage of NDIS Code of Conduct

The NDIS Code of Conduct applies to a wide range of entities, including:

Remember, as an NDIS participant, you hold valuable rights that deserve respect and protection. The NDIS Commission, alongside the NDIS Code of Conduct, is dedicated to ensuring that your journey within the NDIS is marked by empowerment, choice, and, above all, safety.

For more information: Guide to the NDIS Code of Conduct 

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