Are you curious about how Short Term Accommodation (STA) works within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)? Let’s delve into the details of how NDIS STA accommodation and holidays function, providing clarity on what’s covered and how it operates.

What is NDIS STA?

The NDIS doesn’t directly fund holidays; instead, it provides funding for Short Term Accommodation (STA) when the need arises due to a participant’s disability. STA can serve various purposes, including respite care or skill-building activities. Typically, NDIS funding allows for up to 28 days of STA per year, offering flexibility to accommodate the participant’s schedule and requirements.

Support Items Covered

STA funding encompasses all expenses incurred within a 24-hour period. This includes assistance with self-care, participation in community access activities, accommodation costs, meals, and any other activities negotiated as part of the support plan.

Practical Example

Let’s illustrate how NDIS STA funding might work in practice through an example. Suppose a participant desires to engage in skill and capacity-building activities overseas. The upfront costs for flights and accommodation total $3,000. In this scenario, the participant can approach their NDIS provider to inquire about covering these expenses upfront.

Negotiating Payment

If the provider agrees to cover the upfront costs, they may do so under the condition that these expenses will be recouped through the participant’s weekly STA billing. This means that the $3,000 spent on flights and accommodation will be gradually reimbursed through the participant’s regular STA funding, as outlined in the billing line item 01_058_0115_1_1 STA And Assistance – 1:1.

Benefits of NDIS STA

NDIS STA offers numerous benefits to participants and their families, including:

How to Access NDIS STA

To access NDIS STA funding, participants need to have it included in their NDIS plan. They can discuss their requirements with their support coordinator or NDIS planner to ensure that STA is appropriately included to meet their needs.


NDIS STA accommodation plays a vital role in supporting individuals with disabilities and their families. By providing funding for short-term accommodation, the NDIS enables participants to access respite care, engage in skill-building activities, and enjoy greater flexibility and community participation.

If you’re considering accessing NDIS STA funding, it’s essential to understand how it works and how it can benefit you or your loved one. By leveraging STA funding effectively, participants can enhance their quality of life and achieve their goals with greater independence and support.

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