Navigating the PACE (Provider Digital Access) referral process is crucial for support coordinators and plan managers working within the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) framework. As participant plans transition into the new IT system, understanding the timeline and steps involved is essential for seamless implementation.

Starting from October 31st, 2023, the rollout of PACE begins with first-time participants having their plans constructed within the system. Simultaneously, any changes in circumstance or support needs will trigger plan reassessments to occur in PACE. Between November 2023 and late February 2024, expiring plans will be carefully managed: if no alterations are needed, plans will transition from the SAP system to PACE at the end of their rollover period.

However, if adjustments are necessary, new plans will be built directly within PACE. By the end of February 2024, all expiring plans will complete their transition to the new digital platform. Moving forward, all New Requests for Service (RFS) must be submitted through PACE and responded to within a four-day window.

For comprehensive guidance on registering and utilising PACE, support coordinators and plan managers can refer to the step-by-step guides available on the myplace provider portal. These guides cover various aspects, including responding to RFS and the essential details required by the NDIA. The RFS encompasses eight key parts, from participant details and support coordination provider information to assessments, participant information, goals, and funded supports. Understanding each component ensures a thorough and efficient referral process, ultimately contributing to the effective implementation of participant plans within the PACE system.

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