Day 2:

Session 5: Developing NDIS Plans

Duration: 1 hour

In this session, we’ll dive into the practicalities of developing NDIS plans. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the planning process, from application to plan development. We’ll explore the importance of collaboration with participants, families, and stakeholders and discuss strategies for setting meaningful goals and support needs.

Session 6: Navigating the NDIS Portal

Duration: 1 hour

Navigating the NDIS portal is essential for effective coordination of supports. In this session, we’ll provide an overview of the MyPlace participant portal and guide you through managing plans, budgets, and service bookings. We’ll also address common issues and questions to ensure you’re confident in using the portal.

Session 7: Connecting Participants with Providers

Duration: 1 hour

Support coordination involves connecting participants with suitable service providers. We’ll explore the diverse range of providers in the NDIS marketplace and share tips for researching and selecting appropriate options. You’ll learn how to make informed decisions about service providers and understand their offerings.

Session 8: Support Coordination Strategies

Duration: 1 hour

Effective communication and relationship-building are paramount in support coordination. In this session, we’ll discuss strategies for fostering positive interactions. You’ll gain insights into developing service agreements, managing expectations, and handling conflicts in a constructive and collaborative manner.

Session 9: Case Studies and Group Activities

Duration: 1 hour

Analysing real-life case studies is a valuable way to apply your knowledge. We’ll explore practical scenarios related to support coordination and engage in role-playing exercises to simulate coordination interactions. Group discussions will provide a platform to share insights and strategies.

Session 10: Wrap-Up and Q&A

Duration: 1 hour

As we conclude the course, we’ll review key concepts covered during the two days. This session is also dedicated to addressing any questions, concerns, or areas that require further clarification. We’ll provide additional resources for ongoing learning and support.

Additional Information:

By the end of Day 2, you’ll have gained practical insights into NDIS planning, navigating the portal, connecting participants with providers, and implementing effective support coordination strategies. We’re excited to engage in this hands-on learning journey with you!