Welcome to Disability Support Project, your steadfast companion for NDIS Support Coordination in the heart of Parkville!


If you’re on the lookout for impactful support coordination services in Parkville, look no further – Disability Support Project is here to empower you. Backed by years of experience and an unwavering commitment, we stand as your ultimate destination for professional, amicable, and efficient NDIS support coordination services.


Our team of highly adept professionals has been devoted to crafting tailor-made NDIS support coordination solutions for years. Our legacy of delivering exceptional guidance extends to individuals, families, and organisations in Parkville and its encompassing regions.


Why Entrust Disability Support Project with NDIS Support Coordination?


Holistic Expertise: Our accomplished team wields a profound understanding of the NDIS framework, ensuring that you receive the finest counsel and support. 


Personalised Essence: Recognising the distinctiveness of each individual’s needs, our support coordination services are custom-tailored to align with your specific requisites and aspirations. Navigational 


Prowess: Just as a pest-free zone fosters a serene environment, our support coordination enables you to navigate the intricacies of the NDIS landscape with ease. 


Comprehensive Compassion: Whether you’re a participant in search of assistance, a family member seeking guidance, or a service provider, we stand ready to provide unparalleled support.

Setting Foot onto the Path of Disability Support Project


The journey to optimised NDIS support commences with a single stride. Extend your contact information to us, and we’ll promptly bridge the gap. Our dedicated team member will establish a connection, delving into your unique needs and providing an insight into the bespoke support coordination services that await you.


Much like an efficient pest control regime promotes secure living, our support coordination services are designed to create an atmosphere of empowerment and support. Your quest for steadfast NDIS support coordination culminates here – by sharing your contact details, you initiate a transformative expedition towards attaining your aspirations.


To glean deeper insights into our support coordination services or to take that pivotal first step, seize the moment and reach out to us today. Align yourself with a cohort of countless others who have encountered the exceptional benefits of Disability Support Project‘s unparalleled support coordination services. Allow us to illuminate your NDIS journey in Parkville, and let your aspirations flourish under our guidance.