Introducing Virtual Support Coordination: Empowering Your Journey via Telehealth

In the realm of Virtual Support Coordination, guided by the visionary leadership of CEO Jake Bourke, our dedicated team brings a wealth of expertise and an extensive background in Mental Health. With a remarkable 8-year track record of collaborating with the NDIS, our mission is to redefine support coordination for your unique needs. Our seasoned professionals, possess an intimate familiarity with the nuances of various regions. This expertise equips us to not only identify specialised disability services and therapeutic interventions but also mainstream resources, all customised to your preferences.

Our core commitment revolves around fostering your autonomy and granting you the authority to shape your service choices. Our role goes beyond guidance; we’re here to empower you on your journey within the world of support coordination.

  • In-depth insights into the multitude of avenues that your NDIS funds can open. 
  • Empowering you to embrace your entitlement to select and curate your services independently. 
  • Skillfully identifying service providers that perfectly align with your goals and geographical context.
  • Seamlessly executing your NDIS plan for optimal efficiency. 
  • Equipping you with the tools to confidently manage and orchestrate your support network. 
  • Facilitating community engagement and forging connections to alternative sources of support. 
  • Unearthing opportunities within funded, mainstream, and informal networks. 
  • Guiding you to make informed choices about services and form agreements with providers. 
  • Pioneering innovative support arrangements and ensuring their successful implementation. 
  • Delivering unparalleled value from your NDIS plan investment. 
  • Meticulously monitoring your NDIS budget and fund utilisation. 
  • Providing specialised coordination to address crises, offering parenting training, and aiding your integration into networks and communities.

Elevate Your Support Experience with Virtual Coordination:

Welcome to the world of Disability Support Project’s Virtual Support Coordination! 

Our unwavering commitment is to empower you in achieving your aspirations while offering impartial support coordination. As a registered and independent NDIS service provider, we stand by your side to help you access and manage your support systems autonomously, all through the convenience of virtual platforms.

When you seek assistance, the Disability Support Project’s dedicated team is just a virtual connection away. For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Your journey to empowered support coordination starts here.