Navigating Canberra’s NDIS Support Coordination Landscape

Within the dynamic city of Canberra, the NDIS Support Coordination team, led by CEO Jake Bourke, is poised to make a difference. Armed with a robust educational foundation in Mental Health and a commendable 8-year track record of collaboration with the NDIS, this team is dedicated to enhancing the lives of Canberra’s residents. 

Comprising local experts who intimately understand the unique dynamics of the capital region, they excel in identifying an array of disability supports, spanning from specialised services to mainstream assistance. The central objective? Empowering individuals in Canberra to exercise autonomy and authority when making choices about their services, while guiding them to the most suitable service providers.

Discover the Offerings of Canberra’s Support Coordination Team:

  1. Insights into NDIS Fund Utilisation: Providing clients with in-depth insights into the various options for effectively utilising their NDIS funds in the Canberra context.

  2. Choice and Control: Assisting clients in fully embracing their entitlement to choose and maintain control over their services.

  3. Tailored Service Provider Matching: Helping clients identify service providers that align seamlessly with their goals and the unique geographical landscape of Canberra.

  4. Efficient NDIS Plan Execution: Ensuring the optimal execution of NDIS plans, tailored to specific needs.

  5. Equipping for Independent Management: Equipping participants with the tools necessary to independently manage and organise their support systems.

  6. Community Involvement and Connections: Encouraging active participation within the Canberra community and facilitating connections to alternative support avenues.

  7. Exploring Local Networks: Identifying possibilities within funded, mainstream, and informal networks unique to Canberra.

  8. Informed Decision-Making: Guiding clients in making well-informed decisions about services and establishing agreements with local service providers.

  9. Innovative Support Arrangements: Pioneering innovative support arrangements and ensuring their successful implementation.

  10. Value Optimisation: Ensuring value for money is derived from the NDIS plan, tailored to Canberra’s economic landscape.

  11. Ongoing Monitoring and Crisis Support: Continuously monitoring the NDIS budget and fund utilisation, offering specialised coordination to address crises and integration within local networks or communities.

Support Coordination Services in Canberra:

The Disability Support Project’s Support Coordination team is dedicated to empowering clients in Canberra to achieve their goals by providing impartial and effective support coordination. As a registered NDIS service provider, our focus is on enabling individuals to independently access and manage their support systems with confidence.

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