The Brisbane support coordination team is led by CEO Jake Bourke, who has a strong educational background in Mental Health and 8 years of valuable experience working with the NDIS. Comprising local experts with an in-depth understanding of Brisbane’s regions, the team excels in sourcing a diverse range of disability supports, including specialist disability, therapeutic services, and mainstream assistance. Our primary objective is to empower individuals in Brisbane, enabling them to exercise choice and take control over their services. We are dedicated to assisting them in finding suitable service providers.

The services provided by the Brisbane Disability Support Project’s Support Coordination team encompass:

1. Offering comprehensive information to clients about the various possibilities available through their NDIS funds in Brisbane.

2. Assisting clients in fully exercising their right to choose and maintain control over their services.

3. Helping clients in selecting the most suitable service providers that align with their goals and location within Brisbane.

4. Efficiently implementing NDIS plans to ensure their effectiveness for Brisbane residents.

5. Enabling clients to independently manage and direct their own supports in the city.

6. Facilitating community engagement and fostering connections with alternative support options within Brisbane.

7. Identifying funded, mainstream, and informal network options available to individuals in Brisbane.

8. Assisting clients in making informed decisions regarding services and reaching agreements with providers in the city.

9. Initiating and ensuring the success of new support arrangements within the Brisbane area.

10. Ensuring value for money from the NDIS plan for Brisbane residents.

11. Monitoring the NDIS budget and funding expenditure specifically for individuals in Brisbane.

12. Providing specialist coordination services to resolve crises, offer parenting training, and help clients integrate into their network or community in Brisbane.

Coordination of Supports Services Brisbane:

The team at Disability Support Project Brisbane is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals and providing impartial support coordination. As an NDIS registered and independent service provider in Brisbane, we are committed to empowering individuals to independently access and coordinate their supports effectively.

Currently, Disability Support Project’s Support Coordination team in Brisbane serves various areas, including North Brisbane, South Brisbane, East Brisbane, West Brisbane, Inner City, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Logan, Moretone Bay & Caboolture.

If you require assistance, the Disability Support Project is here to help you. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 0423 064 743 or via email at

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